Services offered by our partners

foto-antenas-pruebaWe offer customized solutions for companies, individuals, municipalities, hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools, health centers, shopping and leisure centers, sporting events, libraries, outdoors, rural areas.

Our companies employ the latest technology. By deploying their own networks WiFi 802.11a /b/g/n/ac and Wimax 802.16e, you will enjoy an internet connection much faster and without the need for a phone line.

We offer internet access in rural areas for businesses and individuals, Connection «Symmetric Professional», Custom designed projects and Mobile Telephony.

We also offer Telephone Server Centres, VoIP, Radius service, Video Surveillance, Hosting, Domain and website services, Information and Communications Technology (TIC) training and and unlimited support for you.

And all this we offer as a customized sevice personally tailored to suit your business needs.

  • Networks.
  • Radiolinks Ptp.
  • Wireless Infrastructure PtMP & Mesh.
  • Wimax.
  • Advanced Support
  • Ubiquiti Academy (Official Ubiquiti Trainer)
  • Mikrotik Certified Network Associate.
  • Sun Microsystem Partner.
  • Fujisu Primergy Servers Engineer.
  • Zyxell Partner.
  • Optic Fiber
  • SAP Partner.
  • Computer equipment.
  • Cabling installation.
  • Consulting and Maintenance.
  • Certifications Mikrotik and Ubiquiti